Α Cool Intelligent Company

GTouch was founded in 2004 by Evangelos Giannouklidis. Located in its modern Peania facilities, our company goal is to offer its know-how and enthusiasm to all those who appreciate events and exquisite food. Ever since, thanks to our impeccable staff, who provide high quality services, GTouch has, very successfully, implemented a plethora of events, characterised by their exquisite taste, superb food and flawless organisation. We were honoured to be selected by the Greek Presidency, as exclusive partners, to daily cater for 250 officials at Zappeion Megaron, between 1/1/2014 and 30/6/2014.

Our Philisophy

The GTouch label characterises Us…

We strongly believe that food and gourmet cooking are a way of communication.  Being able to speak directly to the hearts of the guests, through your art. To bring them flavours and scents from all over the world, offered with love and passion. We realise your every desire, with Evangelos Giannouklidis’ Touch always making the difference.

About Us

Food Matters are a Matter of Honesty

Our team comprises inspired professionals, who are chosen based on their knowledge of gastronomy, under strict selection criteria.

Therefore, we are in the position to offer you unsurpassed satisfaction with respect to your event and fulfill your every requirement. The trust we are gaining leads us to an ongoing pursuit and improvement, aiming for the best at all levels, so as to meet your every demanding desire.